Monday 16 February 2009

Matt Brimble - GAP Leader Extraordinaire

At Quest Overseas we pride ourselves on having the best leaders in the business.  Carefully selected they not only have a wealth of experience in the field but that little something extra that truly makes every Quest trip a 'trip of a lifetime'!

Matt Brimble our Bolivia leader demonstrated true leader brilliance only just this morning.  The Bolivia GAP team departed for Bolivia yesterday morning and were flying via Miami.  Unfortunately they were delayed in Miami and were due to miss their connecting flight in Santa Cruz.  Matt stepped in and delayed the flight to Sucre just enough so that the team made it on board with minutes to spare!

All hail the Brimble!

Checkout our team updates to see their progress over the next 3 months!

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  1. Quick correction here, not only did he delay the Sucre flight, he basically paralyzed all flights from Santa Cruz airport for over an hour until the airport staff had safely transferred his team onto their flight - all thanks to the Brimble charm.

    Time to introduce an ´employee of the month´ award I believe.


  2. I concur.
    He's great.

    Evo Morales