Friday 23 January 2009

'Africa' by Toto ruined!

Yes, that classic that every Quest Africa team has no doubt sung along to on numerous occasions while on projects and expeditions has been sampled for a new RnB track.  There are many covers of this iconic tune but this has to be the worst. 

The remix by Karl Wolf, RnB singer from Canada has ruined the uplifting 'Africa' by Toto.  But don't take my opinion compare both versions right here!



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An end of an era at Villa Maria

After 12 years of shenanigans in the changing rooms, Quest Volunteers will be moving to new accommodation above the school. For all you that have spent time there here are a few photos of how it looks now. Please feel free to write about any of the memories you have of the place. Be it the ants, the toilets, wild dogs, the water balloons, anything!

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Thursday 22 January 2009

UK Breaks Extreme Ironing Record

UK sport once more triumphs over that of our friends Down Under...forget The Ashes, forget the Rugby World Cup, this time the UK reigns supreme in Extreme Ironing...

Recently 128 UK divers have taken the record for the most amount of people ironing underwater, at a depth of 15-20m, from the Australians in freezing January temperatures.

Despite the fierce rivalry between the 2 nations the whole event has raised around £9000 so far for the RNLI.

Take a look at the BBC News video

For Learn to dive (sadly without kitchen appliances!)on our African Expedition
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Wednesday 21 January 2009

Kebabs - a healthy option?!

Good news for all of you out there who enjoy a quick kebab on the way home after a night may not be as unhealthy as you think...(as long as you eat the right one)!!

At first glance the doner kebab could seem a relatively healthy option, aside from its legendary grease and salt, it also contains protein, carbohydrates (pitta bread) and vegetables (salad). The spicy lamb recipe of the doner kebab originates in Mediterranean areas, well known for healthy food good for the heart and the longevity of its inhabitants. The creator of the doner kebab himself, Mahmut Aygun, having passed away only recently at the grand old age of 87!

However, before you get too excited, the above only applies if lean meat is used in the kebab, it is not drenched in fat and salt-filled dressing and if it is not of enormous not your average Friday night takeaway.

Trading Standards officers have found doner kebabs containing 22% fat and the equivalent of 2 heaped teaspoons of salt (double the daily allowance) and a study by the UK Food Standards Agency found that 18.5% of kebabs posed a "significant" threat to public health.

So...maybe don't make it a daily habit!

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Monday 19 January 2009

BBC1 Elephants and Bees

Check out BBC1 this Wednesday at 9pm and see Lucy King in action!

That's right; Quest's former Africa Operations Manager is now part of a fascinating study into how African bees can scare Elephants. The series is all about Save The Elephants work in the Samburu-Laikipia ecosystem in Kenya. Since 1995 STE have been tracking the elephants and compiling important information on their behaviour. All this research gives greater understanding helping to protect this magnificent animal.

Lucy's work alongside Oxford University has found that the sound of Bees could actually protect farmers crops from elephant damage and in the process save more elephants. Elephants have excellent memories and it is their past negative memories with bees that cause them to be scared just by their sound.

If you missed the first episode then you can catch up on BBC's iplayer. There's also a fascinating article in the 2008 September issue of National Geographic and an interview with Lucy on the Oxford University website!
All of us at Quest wish Lucy the best of luck with her study!

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