Thursday 14 May 2009

Special Internet Cafe moment

What else are you meant to do when a classic such as 'Hero' comes on in an Internet cafe in Babati, Tanzania? Nice one Dixon and the girls!

More videos from Tanzania are coming very soon so watch this space!

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Wednesday 13 May 2009

Going Bananas for Fuel in Africa

Researchers at Nottingham University have come up with an ingenious new and sustainable source of fuel across Africa....Bananas.

Bananas are an important and versatile crop across many countries in Africa, being used for food, wine and beer. However, according to the scientists for every tonne of bananas, there are an estimated 10 tonnes of waste, generally made up of skins, leaves and stems.

The idea for the fuel is simple and low tech. Rotting banana skins are mashed into pulp and mixed with sawdust, compressed and dried to make briquettes. These ignite quickly and throw out a steady heat which makes them an ideal alternative to firewood for cooking.

The briquettes can be made by hand, meaning no large financial outlay is needed for countries to be able to produce them. This idea could not only alleviate burden of collecting firewood in areas where this is scarce, but will also reduce deforestation caused by the need for fuel.

Countries such as Tanzania, one of Africa's largest producers of bananas, could find this new source of fuel ideal, as at present around 80% of its energy needs are met from burning wood, with serious environmental consequences.

Read more about banana fuel on the BBC website

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Monday 11 May 2009

Employee of the Month Sarah Brimble!!

The much coveted "Quest Employee of the Month" award for May has been awarded to our superstar leader Sarah Brimble. Currently assistant on the Bolivia Expedition, she not only quietly endures the rants of the team leader Matt, but also lovingly cared for the two students which weren't well enough to take part in the latest trek - we're now including "must be happy to collect student poo for hospital tests" as part of the leader job role. Sarah, you're the best!

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Dancing for Villa Maria

Last week, Penny and Kevan Ashbridge organised a Salsa Evening in memory of their Daughter Katie.
The pennies are still being counted, but latest figures suggest the event raised over £6000 for our project in Villa Maria, with which 12 families will now be built new homes, Katieville continues to grow!

The night was great fun and for a great cause. Thank you to everyone who took part.

To read more about the our project in Villa Maria, click here.

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Africa Unite @ Spiegeltent Brighton

The Spiegeltent has come to Brighton and makes up part of the Brighton Fringe festival on now until the 23rd May. This Tuesday the tent will host a night of African fever with live sets by Yiri Baa, Nana Tsiboe and the Supa High Life Band. Check out details on-line now for tickets (£8) and join in with some outrageous singing and dancing!

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