Friday 3 October 2008

Funky Fish Night Club

I have that friday feeling and apparently the place to be seen is Funky Fish in Brighton.  I have been told that not only does it play loads of James Brown but it also holds Salsa dance classes.  Our in office Salsa King Jon Jon loves to get down and crack out some smooth moves.  For those of you lucky enough to be signed up to a Quest Overseas South America GAP trip you might get a taste of Jon Jon's silky moves at the training weekend this month!

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Clowning Around in Peru

Volunteer Zoe has just arrived at our project at Villa Maria in Lima, Peru. She will be staying for 9 months, helping out at our school there as well as working on the construction and recreation projects.

The question is though, will she ever tire of the pranks from local clown Lucho (dancing with her in this video)? Does slapstick ever get tiring?!!

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Man Flu an epedemic!!!!

The worst thing in the world... "MAN FLU"!!! is sweeping through the office like a forest fire. It's awful the male contingent in the office are dropping like flies and getting any sympathy from females is like getting blood from a stone. Why is it that they fail to appreciate the severity of the illness. Man flu is a genuin illness, its a serious problem and it should dam well be respected for being the crippling illness that it is. Symptoms include a runny nose, lack of motivation (yes it effects the mind as well as body), headache is optional! Statistics reveal that it is far more painful then child birth!

Women if any loved ones do contract man flu make sure to quickly get them in front of the TV, get them under a duvet and provide him with regular cups of tea!

'Man flu' really exists

'Man flu' - the psychological condition by which men claim to suffer more from colds than women - really exists, according to a new poll.

Males take more time off work than women with colds they think are flu, reports the Daily Mirror. They also moan more, fork out more on remedies and 82% stay in bed until they feel better. The survey of 2,000 people found 64% of men thought they had flu and took a day off compared with 45% of women.

But according to Prof Ron Eccles of the Common Cold Centre, Cardiff University, it is women who get ill more. He said: "This is because women have more contact with children - normally the main source of infection." The poll for Nuts magazine found men take three days to recover and women half that time. November is said to be the worst month for 'man flu' - with one in six suffering

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Kenyan Children welcoming Questers

A trip down memory lane...

Many summers ago our first Kenya Water Relief Team visited the school in the Mbuani district to construct a water tank and plant mango trees so the kids had year-round fresh supplies of fruit and water. In return the kids hosted a 'Thank you Ceremony' and sang and played with the team, ending the day with a football match which the Quest team dramatically lost!

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Thursday 2 October 2008

Migration of a different kind!

A lodge in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park was unwittingly built on the migration path of a family of elephants.  Every year the family walks straight through the lodges lobby on their way find tasty to ripe Mangos.  Elephants have strong family bonds, and are led by the matriarch to find new pastures and water.  Elephants are almost hairless and remain cool by taking mud baths and flapping their ears.  An average male can cool 25litres of blood in one minute with its ears.  They are the largest land mammal however are almost completely silent went in motion due to their padded feet.  According to one US research team in Namibia elephants sensitive feet are used to communicate through vibrations.

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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Lean Mean Speech Making Machines

Simon and I found ourselves yesterday facing the potential heckling of a few hundred year 13 students giving a presentation on why to take gap year and the benefits of one at Strodes College in Egham. Thankfully the heckling never materialised and the presentation went well with loads of questions being thrown at us courtesy of LJ and the roving mike.

So what did we go on about for 45 mins? Apart from finding out which pubs they'd all rather be in we basically were showing them that a gap year is a fantastic opportunity to do something or go somewhere they've always dreamed of, to help others or to just experience completely new places and cultures. The main message being whatever you do do something! Put some careful research into it and think about what you would like to do and achieve. If you do decide to take a year out do something constructive - it will be more rewarding and ultimately more enjoyable. Last but not least do something fun!

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Tuesday 30 September 2008

Cyberspace Nightmares

Sorry to anyone who tried to email our office this afternoon, a change in broadband provider wasn't quite as smooth as was expected...

Normal service to be resumed tomorrow!
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Monday 29 September 2008

Bringing Latino Life to Brighton

So what did you do with your weekend?

I'll tell you what we did. With the summer finally treating us with a nice weekend for once, we hit the beach in Brighton for some extremely competetive beach football, beach volleyball and even competetive barbeque-ing ("put more coal on it ... turn that burger over ... no not that one ... you're ruining our lunch!")

Despite that, we are all still friends, and have decided to harness our collective competitive natures and have created the "Quest Office Olympics". Events such as the Cambridge Grove Dash and the Pier to Pier sea kayak time trial will soon be taking place, and we haven't forgotten the equally important pool, darts and arm wrestling?!

Keep checking back for updates and our medals' table!

(Thanks as well to the Yellowave Beach Sports Venue for helping inspire us - - and to ex-Africa leader Mike Lamb for turning 30 and having his celebration down there, happy birthday old man.)

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