Friday 27 February 2009

Surf's Up

Check out these absolutely incredible photos taken of the inside of waves by photographer Clark Little. He has spent his life swimming in huge seas capturing views normally only seen by the most intrepid surfers...and the results are fantastic!

Click here to see Clark Little's gallery on the Guardian website.

If surfing sounds like something you'd like to try (maybe in slightly calmer seas!)-check out our projects in Brazil and learn to surf in idyllic Itacare as part of our Brazilian Expedition.

I want to learn to surf in Brazil!

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Save the Rhino with Benedict Allen

The 7th Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture

Benedict Allen
Wednesday 11th March 2009, 7.30pm
The Royal Geographical Society, London

Following his recent popular TV series Unbreakable, in which eight athletes were pushed to their mental and physical limits, explorer Benedict Allen takes a look at what helps keep any of us going in the face of disaster. It will be an exciting and often humorous talk, which draws on his own and others’ vast experience of living at the extremes and survival in jungles, deserts and the Arctic

Lecture tickets cost £15 and are now on sale.

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Thursday 26 February 2009

Gap Year Fair Dauntsey School

The Quest Overseas Team will be at Dauntsey School today from 12pm for advice on all our trips and gap years in general.

We're currently visiting lots of schools and colleges to take part in fairs and give talks. If you would like us to come to you then please get in touch! 01273 777206

Check out Dauntsey's very own tall ship the Jolie Brise!

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Wednesday 25 February 2009

Got an old mobile phone that you don't need?

Then why not send it in to Fauna and Flora International. For every phone they recieve £5 will go towards wildlife conservation. So dig out those bricks that are lying around unused. If they work they will be passed onto someone in a developing country thus helping to reduce the need for harmful mineral mining from fragile landscapes such as central Africa and the vast salt pans of Bolivia.

To get involved just e-mail!

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Rare cheetah captured on camera

There are thought to be just 250 Saharan cheetah individuals left in the wild and very little is known about this elusive animal. Its current known range includes; Algeria, Togo, Niger, Mali, Benin, and Burkina Faso. The Zoological Society of London is currently carrying out work to identify individuals. Cameras are set to automatically take pictures when the cheetahs walk passed them. Software is then able to identify the cheetah by recognising the individual’s pattern of spots.
Let’s hope that this important work reveals more about this critically endangered species and in the long run will help to protect it.

Footage of the more well known African cheetah

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Tuesday 24 February 2009

Rio Carnival in Full Swing!

Across the pond in Rio de Janeiro one of the biggest and most spectacular parties on earth is in full swing. The Rio Carnival this year has attracted thousands of people and despite a lack of corporate funding the event has been no less spectacular.

Quest Overseas' Rio team are at their project site in the favela of Mangueira as I write this. Over the past couple of weeks they have been working alongside kids in the Tia Neuma Infant School and young people living at 'Casa Lar' a home for handicapped children, supporting staff, organising games, outings and educational activities, and helping with their preparations for Carnival. The Quest team will be doing themselves proud as part of the parade alongside these children and the legendary Mangueira Samba School. This is one of the oldest and most popular Samba schools in Rio due to its strong community links and always performs well during the main event, the fabulous Samba Parade.

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Monday 23 February 2009

The funniest TV moment this year!


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Congratulations Sarah

Sarah Brimble is now the proud God mother of a really unattractive spider monkey. Only joking Sarah he is adorable!

The Inti Wara Yassi refuges in Bolivia have been striving to combine wild animal welfare and work with vulnerable children over the past 10 years. Animals confiscated and rescued from circuses and the pet trade are constantly arriving, so there is always need for more constructions to house them, as well as care and attention for those being prepared for release into the wild. Walk a puma, teach an eagle to fly again, introduce a monkey back into the wild and become part the most hands on wildlife project you are ever likely to encounter.

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