Friday 16 January 2009

Carbon Offset.

With the bitterly cold weather this Christmas you might be thinking 'global warming, what global warming?', but with plans for a 3rd runway and 6th Terminal at Heathrow carbon is still at the forefront of many people’s minds.
So should we feel guilty about jetting off around the world? Is there anything that really does 'offset' your carbon emissions and decrease your 'footprint'?

Here at Quest we offset all our staff flights and encourage all our volunteers to do the same. £20 for each long haul return flight goes straight to one of our partners:

Excellent Development- have a Tree Duty scheme which involves planting rare and endangered species in rural Africa which both boosts the local biodiversity and mitigates the effects of climate change. Excellent are half way to their target of 1,000,000 trees planted by 2010. If you would like to donate please visit their site.

Rainforest Concern- support and protect venerable corridors of rainforest in South America. You can log onto their site now to donate.

If you would like to calculate your carbon emissions go to the governments website. Thanks to not owning a car my Carbon footprint is 2.13tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

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