Monday 19 January 2009

BBC1 Elephants and Bees

Check out BBC1 this Wednesday at 9pm and see Lucy King in action!

That's right; Quest's former Africa Operations Manager is now part of a fascinating study into how African bees can scare Elephants. The series is all about Save The Elephants work in the Samburu-Laikipia ecosystem in Kenya. Since 1995 STE have been tracking the elephants and compiling important information on their behaviour. All this research gives greater understanding helping to protect this magnificent animal.

Lucy's work alongside Oxford University has found that the sound of Bees could actually protect farmers crops from elephant damage and in the process save more elephants. Elephants have excellent memories and it is their past negative memories with bees that cause them to be scared just by their sound.

If you missed the first episode then you can catch up on BBC's iplayer. There's also a fascinating article in the 2008 September issue of National Geographic and an interview with Lucy on the Oxford University website!
All of us at Quest wish Lucy the best of luck with her study!

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  1. Hi everyone at Quest Overseas! Thanks very much for your comments and support and I hope you enjoy the TV series. It was great fun having the BBC in camp for 3 months over a year filming this series - quite an experience and they were lucky to film some fascinating behaviour.

    Check out my website for more info:

    Hope all is well back in Brighton.
    x lucy