Tuesday 13 January 2009

Choose your gap year souvenirs carefully

The British government has started a campaign to help make travellers aware of what they can and cannot bring back to the UK. Not so much focussed on illegal trafficking or smuggling, it's more looking at preventing unwanted pests or diseases from bringing in food or other organic products.

After the past few years, where foot and mouth, bird flu and even plagues of termites have managed to make it's way onto our shores, we are keen to support this campaign and encourage you to check out their website, below:

Know what food you can and can’t bring in

It’s illegal for travellers to bring many foods into the UK from countries outside the EU. These include all meat and meat products, milk and dairy products and potatoes. This is because they could carry pests and diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease which could have a devastating effect on our environment.

Don’t let an outbreak in

To find out more, visit http://campaigns.direct.gov.uk/dontbringmeback/
Or call 08459 33 55 77 from within
Or +44 20 7238 6951 from outside the UK

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