Wednesday 21 January 2009

Kebabs - a healthy option?!

Good news for all of you out there who enjoy a quick kebab on the way home after a night may not be as unhealthy as you think...(as long as you eat the right one)!!

At first glance the doner kebab could seem a relatively healthy option, aside from its legendary grease and salt, it also contains protein, carbohydrates (pitta bread) and vegetables (salad). The spicy lamb recipe of the doner kebab originates in Mediterranean areas, well known for healthy food good for the heart and the longevity of its inhabitants. The creator of the doner kebab himself, Mahmut Aygun, having passed away only recently at the grand old age of 87!

However, before you get too excited, the above only applies if lean meat is used in the kebab, it is not drenched in fat and salt-filled dressing and if it is not of enormous not your average Friday night takeaway.

Trading Standards officers have found doner kebabs containing 22% fat and the equivalent of 2 heaped teaspoons of salt (double the daily allowance) and a study by the UK Food Standards Agency found that 18.5% of kebabs posed a "significant" threat to public health.

So...maybe don't make it a daily habit!

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