Wednesday 1 October 2008

Lean Mean Speech Making Machines

Simon and I found ourselves yesterday facing the potential heckling of a few hundred year 13 students giving a presentation on why to take gap year and the benefits of one at Strodes College in Egham. Thankfully the heckling never materialised and the presentation went well with loads of questions being thrown at us courtesy of LJ and the roving mike.

So what did we go on about for 45 mins? Apart from finding out which pubs they'd all rather be in we basically were showing them that a gap year is a fantastic opportunity to do something or go somewhere they've always dreamed of, to help others or to just experience completely new places and cultures. The main message being whatever you do do something! Put some careful research into it and think about what you would like to do and achieve. If you do decide to take a year out do something constructive - it will be more rewarding and ultimately more enjoyable. Last but not least do something fun!

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