Friday 3 October 2008

Man Flu an epedemic!!!!

The worst thing in the world... "MAN FLU"!!! is sweeping through the office like a forest fire. It's awful the male contingent in the office are dropping like flies and getting any sympathy from females is like getting blood from a stone. Why is it that they fail to appreciate the severity of the illness. Man flu is a genuin illness, its a serious problem and it should dam well be respected for being the crippling illness that it is. Symptoms include a runny nose, lack of motivation (yes it effects the mind as well as body), headache is optional! Statistics reveal that it is far more painful then child birth!

Women if any loved ones do contract man flu make sure to quickly get them in front of the TV, get them under a duvet and provide him with regular cups of tea!

'Man flu' really exists

'Man flu' - the psychological condition by which men claim to suffer more from colds than women - really exists, according to a new poll.

Males take more time off work than women with colds they think are flu, reports the Daily Mirror. They also moan more, fork out more on remedies and 82% stay in bed until they feel better. The survey of 2,000 people found 64% of men thought they had flu and took a day off compared with 45% of women.

But according to Prof Ron Eccles of the Common Cold Centre, Cardiff University, it is women who get ill more. He said: "This is because women have more contact with children - normally the main source of infection." The poll for Nuts magazine found men take three days to recover and women half that time. November is said to be the worst month for 'man flu' - with one in six suffering

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