Monday 20 July 2009

Quest Leader setting new challenge

For anyone who has a Facebook account (or any online presence for that matter), you will have received at least the one message about a friend or relative doing some crazy fitness challenge. Marathons, triathlons, epic cycle journeys, who says we live in an obese Britain?!

Anyway, it seems this "challenge fever" has hit our Quest leaders this year as well. One of the treks which many of our teams in South America enjoy is into the Colca Canyon, three days trekking the 1000m vertical to the bottom, and then back up again! It's a beautiful trek, taking us through local villages and over raging rivers, lots to see.

With super expedition leader Robert Thoren though, he decided to use the route as a time trial. Having a bit of a break between leading teams, he decided to run the three day trek, in 4 hours 29 minutes! This is annoying for two reasons: firstly, because it really is just showing off; but secondly, because the rest of is won't be able to resist trying to better it!

Damn you Thoren!

To see how to enjoy this trek at a pace where you can actually take in the views (!), check out our Andean Expedition.

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