Monday 6 July 2009

How to deal with homesickness while away

We all miss things while away from home, whether it's friends, family or bacon sandwiches. The good news is, the more you travel, the easier it gets, as you know you will be coming home soon (and let's be honest, not much will have changed). But if we're honest, we'll always miss something, no matter how much we've travelled, so it's nice to have a bit of reassurance that all is well at home from time to time.

Testament to this is our experienced expedition leader and Africa manager Andy Deaville. He's currently out in Africa visiting our project sites in Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya, as well as researching a new Expedition route through Uganda, very exciting! Whenever he contacts the office though, the first question we get is "how's my vegetable patch?"!!!

Well Andy, to help you sleep better at night under the African stars, here are some photos of your loved ones blossoming away the the office garden, we're taking good care of them!

To find out more about our expeditions in Africa, click here

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