Thursday 4 June 2009

Lucy King single-handedly saves the Elephants!

Okay, maybe that title is a little bold... but she has more than done her bit though. Ex Quest Overseas Africa director Lucy King has been working on a method of protecting both elephants and local farms in Kenya, as part of her PhD study. After discovering that elephants are scared of bees, they have started to construct fences around local plantations with bee hives incorporated in them. This stops the elephants from breaking into the plantations and devouring all their crops, and also means that local farmers don't resort to shooting trespassing elephants - everyone's a winner.

Her work has had international acclaim, with National Geographic Magazine, BBC wildlife and most impressively Have I Got News for You (!) all having featured her work recently.

You can read an article on the BBC website with more detail on her work here

Well done King, we're proud of you!

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