Friday 8 May 2009

The classic Expedition treat!

All you need is some biscuits, bananas, condensed milk and some cream to make this simple pudding anywhere in the world.

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Step 1: Crush the biscuit and mix with melted butter. Firmly press this into a cake tin or any other vessel you have which is suitable (i.e. Tupperware or a large sauce pan). Place in fridge or cold river to set.

Step 2: Boil a can of condensed milk until the contents has turned to caramel.

Step 3: Be extremely careful when opening the can, contents will be hot and under pressure. Pour onto biscuit base.

Step 4: Remove skins and finely chop banana. Add on top of caramel.

Step 5: Add cream to top and add a little crushed biscuit to decorate.

Ingredients for 4 people:
knob of butter
1 large packet of biscuits
3 bananas
1 tin condensed milk
some cream
artistic flare

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