Tuesday 14 April 2009

Kitesurf Africa

Kitsurfing is now one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. with more people getting into the sport and pushing it's boundaries, people are also hunting out the perfect spot to kite in.
Africa is fast becoming an area for untapping resources and using the stunning and varied coastline to great a perfect sporting arena for kitesurfing.
Cape Town (above) is notorious for it's strong winds and great kiting conditions, but there are more places out there to count.

Kitesurfing is now growing in North Africa (Morrocco, Tunisia, Eygpt), not to mention Eastern Africa, with the clear crisp waters of Lamu Island in Kenya, Mombasa (Diani), and Zanzibar, possibly one of the most stunning of waters to kite in, not to mention the expansive bays in Mozambique.

Kiting Africa will soon become one of the many reasons to visit the vast continent, get out there before it gets too crowded!!!


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