Wednesday 18 March 2009

Brazil team leaves their project

After a fantastic month of work in Mangueira complex, improving the lives of the children in Casa Lar and entertaining the hundreds of kids in the Tia Neuma school (not to mention their fantastic exploits in the Rio Carnival parade), the team has now moved onto their expedition. I believe they are currently enjoying the Atlantic surf on the beach resort of Itacare - lucky things!

This doesn't mean that the project has been forgotten though. Some funds from their project donation still remain and their leader will be returning soon to make sure those funds are well spent. There is still a lot to do there, particularly in Casa Lar, which is why the team has decided to fundraise further.

They have set up the following justgiving site here - do help out if you can!

To find out how to join next year's Brazil project, click here

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