Tuesday 2 December 2008

Update from our Peru Construction Project

Here's a brief update on the work the guys in Villa Maria are getting up to. Zoe, Trevor and Steph are working away to provide better living conditions for a family in the shanty town, just on the outskirts of Lima, keep up the good work guys.

Working on this construction project has also given them the chance to meet some of the families in the community and learn about their realities. One thing they have relayed back to us from this experience is the story of one child in particular, and they have asked us to pass on this message:

A young lad of three years in the school has a tumor, the size of a tennis ball, that is growing rapidly. He requires an operation to have it removed otherwise he will die. The operation costs 500 pounds but his family have no money to fund his operation. We thought of setting up a just giving account so that our family and friends could, if you wanted to make a small donation of just 2 pound. If 250 people donated, this young lad would have a chance at life.

Please use the link to donate a minimum fee of just 2 pound as this could make a small lad and his family's Christmas.


The money donated goes straight to Quest overseas, and they will ensure the funds go directly to Jose.


  1. We are nearly there! Any more help would be so much appreciated! Thanks everyone who has given towards raising the funds for Jose!

    Zoe x x

  2. si el trabajo es muy fuerte ,,pero facil si se hace con mucho cariño y amor ,,se nos biene el invierno el proximo año,,y nesecitamos mas ayuda ,ya que el verano aki en peru es de enero a marzo,,y tenemos mucho por ayudar ,los amigos de quest overseas estamos aki en lima peru ,villa maria san gabriel .tu ayuda es importante .mi nueva casa proyecto donde el sueño hecho realidad de cada una de las familas que se ayuda.unete amigo.
    les escribe un amigo de villa maria .lucho.

  3. graaaaax por la ayuda a jose lo nesecita pronto amigos.el tiene 3 años y ayuda por favor...su amigo lucho