Monday 17 November 2008

Ever wanted to see a whale shark poo?

If the answer is yes then you're in luck - the BBC has just released the first footage ever filmed of such a monumental event. Whalesharks are the biggest fish in the sea - growing up to 12m in length and (thankfully) only eating plankton, krill and other tiny sea dwellers.

If you want to see a whaleshark yourself, come away on our African Expedition; our dive site in Mozambique is well known for visits from these magnificent creatures and you may be lucky enough to get the chance to dive or snorkel alongside one. You may not be lucky enough to see one poo check out:

BBC video

Quest Overseas has in the past been involved in photographing whalesharks for the eOcean database. The eOcean project aims to provide good quality data from earth and environmental sciences for future use in global change studies, research projects, and operational services such as portals, search engines and library catalogs.

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